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Not everyoneis Cindy Crawford

For most, facial lesions or growths can be a real distraction and are not embraced as a signature beauty mark. The addition of hair growth and discoloration often amplify this feeling.

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Children born with lesions are particularly sensitive to the attention that they bring from classmates. More concerning are lesions that are changing in appearance and may foster thoughts of possible skin cancer. Skin lesion removal is a quick and easy way to get the focus back on you and your most beautiful features.


Lesion removal is usually performed under local anesthetic...

and is an essentially painless procedure. Most often, the growth is removed by carefully shaving the lesion even with the surrounding skin. No stitches are required. This offers the best method to avoid a scar, match the surrounding contours, and eliminate the risk of pigment loss that can be a problem with freezing a lesion off. Additionally, this method provides a sample or specimen for evaluation and will confirm if the lesion is cancerous. When appropriate, we can also utilize a multitude of other techniques for skin lesion removal, including chemical peels, laser resurfacing, Intense pulsed light, dermabrasion, electrical cautery devices, and more involved surgical procedures. Afterward, a small paper tape dressing or ointment is applied and you should be able to immediately return to your normal activities.

Skin Lesion Removal in Plano, TX  Plano

Skin Lesion Removal Recovery

Over the counter pain medications are rarely needed, but are adequate if desired. Swelling or bruising are uncommon. A paper tape dressing is typical used, and maintained for one week. Alternatively, the wounds are cleaned and ointment applied for the same duration. After Skin Lesion Removal Plano patients can start normal activities immediately, as long as the bandage is maintained. Early redness is expected and can be easily covered with makeup. The result continues to improve over following few months.

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