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Chin Implants in Plano, Texas

The Frame of Your Face

Chin Implants at Brobst Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

A disproportionate chin can throw off the balance of the whole face and neck, but chin augmentation can help. Chin augmentation, like many other cosmetic surgeries, can improve facial harmony by reinforcing a weak chin and balancing the profile. Facelifts, neck lifts, and rhinoplasties all look better when a Chin Implant is performed in conjunction with these treatments.

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As a result of his extensive training and expertise, Dr. Robert "Bo" Brobst in Plano takes the time to assess each patient individually so that their Chin implant is ideally suited to their anatomy.

Enhanced Volume

What are chin implants?

Lack of structural support can be something that we are born with or something that occurs due to aging. It is often something overlooked in facial aesthetics. Augmenting these areas with facial implants can provide a permanent solution to volume loss, improvement in facelift - neck lift outcomes, and a better balance of the facial profile with or without rhinoplasty. A multitude of facial implants are available, but cheek and chin implants are most often utilized.

Chin Implant at Brobst Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic

With Dr. Brobst, you can be sure that your chin implants will bring balance, harmony, and enhancement to your facial features. As a double-board-certified and fellowship-trained doctor, Dr. Bo brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skill to your procedure.

Chin Implants in Plano, TX  Plano

Clear Definition

What can a chin implant do?

Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty or genioplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping or placing an implant in the chin to enhance the appearance of the face and improve facial balance. The procedure is performed for cosmetic reasons and can correct for congenital deformities or acquired changes.

With Chin Implants Plano patients can expect these benefits:

  • Improved facial balance and proportion: A well-defined chin can help balance the other facial features and create a more harmonious appearance.
  • Enhanced facial profile: A chin implant can give the appearance of a stronger, more defined jawline, which secondarily improves the sharpness of the neck contours.
  • Improved confidence and body image: Many people who undergo chin implant surgery report feeling more satisfied with their appearance, and they appreciate their other facial features more after the procedure.

The best candidates for chin implants are generally healthy adults who are unhappy with the size or shape of their chin or desire changes that will enhance the appearance of their nasal or neck contours. They have realistic expectations about the procedure results and the surgical experience/recovery. It is essential to discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon to determine if chin implant surgery is right for you.

It is also important to note that chin implant surgery may not be suitable for everyone. Factors that may affect your suitability for the procedure include your current facial features and dental occlusion. Assessment of your dentition, facial bones, the thickness of muscles and skin, and changes that occur during animation are all relevant during surgical planning. We evaluate these factors during a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for chin implant surgery or other alternative treatments.

Strengthen your jawline

Your Chin Implant Consultation

The basis for every consultation with Dr. Brobst is conversation and communication. Dr. Brobst wants to ensure that he understands your goals and motivations for aesthetic improvement. The more he understands who you are, the easier it will be to map out how your chin implant or any other procedure will go. We encourage you to schedule your conversation with Dr. Brobst to learn how he can help you enhance your natural beauty.

A More Alluring Profile

Chin Implant Preparation and Procedure

Implant surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, but often sedation or general anesthesia is desired. At our practice in Plano Chin implants can be placed through the mouth or through a small incision under the chin in a natural skin crease. Access for cheek (malar and sub-malar) implants are through a small incision under the lip. These implants are placed in a tight, deep pocket and are unlikely to shift or become distinctively visible once in position. The silicone of these solid implants can also be modified to improve the native contours if facial asymmetries are present. Once placed under direct visualization, the wound is thoroughly irrigated and closed in a layered manner. External dressings are occasionally applied to further support the placement, and cool compresses are applied to minimize swelling.

Long-term results

Chin Implant Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

The morning after your Chin Implant surgery, the incision is checked to make sure healing is progressing as desired, and external dressings are removed. Swelling is normal and responds well to a cool compress, head elevation, and light activity. An oral rinse is used if incisions in the mouth are used. Pain is usually minimal. After one week, any external sutures are removed, and most bruising and swelling are gone from the face. With the exception of heavy lifting, normal activities can be restarted after two weeks. Swelling continues to improve over the first month.

Maintaining your chin implant results

It’s important that you attend all of your follow-up appointments so that Dr. Brobst can check on your healing and recovery progress. On top of that, maintaining good general health, oral hygiene and regular dental care, and avoidance of trauma will enhance your final results and help maintain them long-term.

Chin Implants Frequently Asked Questions

Average Cost for Chin Implants: $6,000
Range: $2,000 - $10,000

Insurance does not typically cover cosmetic procedures like Chin Implant Surgery.

After awakening from anesthesia and confirming your comfort, you will be able to go home in the care of a responsible adult.

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