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Revision Rhinoplasty at Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery

The shape of your nose is a primary influence on your facial proportions on your profile and can demand attention or exaggerate asymmetry on the frontal view. With such sway over one's appearance, it's no surprise that so many men and women seek rhinoplasty to improve the aesthetic and function of their noses. Unfortunately, not all rhinoplasty patients obtain the desired outcomes during their initial surgery. Dr. Robert "Bo" Brobst, a dual-board certified facial plastic surgeon, is a well-respected l specialist who offers excellent Revision Rhinoplasty in Plano, Texas.

A Corrective Procedure

What is revision rhinoplasty?

At our practice in Plano Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is performed to correct any issues or dissatisfaction with the results of previous rhinoplasty surgery. This can include problems such as an asymmetrical or crooked nose, difficulty breathing, or overall dissatisfaction with your nose's appearance. Revision rhinoplasty can be more complex and challenging than primary rhinoplasty, as the surgeon must work with the existing nasal tissue and cartilage to correct the issues and achieve the desired results. Therefore, it is important to consult with Dr. Brobst if you are considering revision rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty at Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

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Revision Rhinoplasty in Plano, TX  Plano

Aesthetic Enhancement

What can revision rhinoplasty do?

Dissatisfaction with your nose's look, breathing difficulties, and the need to fix structural defects not addressed in the initial operation are all typical causes for a second rhinoplasty procedure or revision rhinoplasty. In addition to aesthetic enhancement, revision rhinoplasty can improve nasal function, restore facial harmony, and make the nose more proportionate to the rest of your face. If you've already had rhinoplasty, are in excellent health, have realistic expectations, and are fully recovered, you may be a suitable candidate for revision rhinoplasty. Before deciding whether or not to have revision rhinoplasty, you should talk to a plastic surgeon who is board certified and has expertise in the process.

Raise your standards

Your Revision Rhinoplasty Consultation

Consultations for revision rhinoplasties are similar to those for primary (first-time) procedures. The meeting will be with Dr. Brobst, who has extensive experience in nose surgery. He will review your previous interventions, evaluate your nose internally and externally, determine what may be done to improve its appearance and function and perform imaging to determine your overall goals. Sometimes non-surgical options are available, but more often, surgical interventions are required to make significant improvements. You are encouraged to voice any worries you have regarding the surgery and ask the surgeon any questions you may have. You are encouraged to voice any worries you have regarding the surgery and ask the surgeon any questions you may have. We want what is best for you, and if the findings are appropriate for further intervention and the goals are realistic, then we can discuss the options that best fit your needs.

Facial Balance

Revision Rhinoplasty Preparation and Procedure

The procedure for revision rhinoplasty is similar to the approach for primary rhinoplasty, but it can be more complex and may require more extensive surgery. Dr. Brobst will make incisions in the nose during the procedure to access the underlying bone and cartilage. He will then carefully reshape the nose to correct any functional or aesthetic issues that are present. In some cases, the surgeon may need to use cartilage from another part of your body, such as the ear or rib, to help reshape the nose. Alternatively, donor graft material can be used for the operation to save time and secondary incisions when indicated.

Once Dr. Brobst has completed the structural improvements and contouring, the nasal incisions are meticulously closed and become nearly invisible early in the post-operative period. The entire procedure can take several hours to complete, depending on the amount of work required to correct your nasal condition. To learn more about Revision Rhinoplasty Plano patients can reach out to us for a detailed consultation and guidance on the procedure.

The Right Man for the Nose Job

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

After the surgery, you will need to wear a splint on your nose for approximately one week to help support the newly reshaped structure and minimize swelling while it heals properly. It is important to note that the resolution of swelling and recovery from revision rhinoplasty can take longer than the recovery from primary rhinoplasty. Otherwise, the recovery is very similar. Most patients have very little pain, nausea, or bruising. Dealing with nasal congestion and having difficulty sleeping are the most common complaints. Despite this, it is essential to follow our instructions for post-surgical care to help ensure we obtain a successful outcome.

Maintaining your revision rhinoplasty results

To get the best outcome for your revision rhinoplasty, it's important to perform regular wound care, avoid strenuous activities, use cold compresses, take medications as prescribed, and attend follow-up appointments. These steps will help ensure the best possible results and minimize the risk of complications.

Revision Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Average Cost for Revision Rhinoplasty: $15,000
Range: $10,000- $20,000

You'll be released to go home as soon as you've recovered from the anesthetic. Don't drive yourself, and make sure a reliable friend or family member will remain with you overnight and help escort you to your first appointment the next day. Our goal is to know you arrived home safely, have a caregiver to help you for the first 24 hours and get started on the right foot for optimal recovery.

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