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Deep Plane Faceliftin Plano, Texas

Beauty is much more than skin-deep

Deep Plane Facelift at Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery

Facelifts are a cosmetic surgeon's best tool for treating facial drooping, but for many people, the lifts offered are just insufficient to meet their goals. These are frequently limited or literally just skin deep. For those seeking a more comprehensive solution, the Deep Plane Facelift offers a more intricate approach, addressing the deeper layers of facial tissues. This is an extremely simplified approach, avoiding the complicated architecture of the face.

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However, the effects of gravity and age also impact the deep tissues responsible for keeping both the skin and soft tissue in place. The deep plane facelift gets to the real issue below the skin to give you the most natural-looking, dramatically different results. At Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic in Plano Deep Plane Facelift techniques are our signature offering. Because it targets not just the skin layer but also the underlying tissues, it is Dr. Robert 'Bo' Brobst's favorite way of achieving remarkable outcomes with facelift procedures for those that desire this level of intervention.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

What is a deep plane facelift?

the skin covering the cheek and lower face is lifted

During a deep plane facelift, the skin covering the cheek and lower face is only lifted enough to access the deeper ligamentous attachments and result in proper draping. Through the release, the deep connective tissue in both the lower and upper cheeks can be mobilized and repositioned in a tension-free manner into a more youthful position. This is your best bet when it comes to fixing drooping skin encroaching on the mouth in the middle and lower parts of the face. For patients who desire the most dramatic and long-lasting results from their facelift, as well as the most effective method, Dr. Brobst offers advanced deep-plane facelift surgery.

Deep Plane Facelift at Brobst Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

Deep plane facelifts are usually only performed by highly trained and skilled plastic surgeons. Dr. Brobst has worked tirelessly to master this technique with confidence and detailed precision. So when your face is in Dr. Brobst's hands, you can be assured that you will get the best results.

Deep Plane Facelift in Plano, TX  Plano

Nothing Plain About It

What can a deep plane facelift do?

When considering a Deep Plane Facelift Plano patients should note its several advantages. Several variables, including a decline in skin elasticity and collagen production as we age, contribute to visible changes in the facial framework. A deep plane facelift is a cosmetic operation that allows a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, or alternatively, a well-trained facelift surgeon, to alter and improve your facial structure by shifting fat, soft tissue, and skin redundancy of the mid and lower face into a more youthful position. The "unnatural" look of some outdated or inappropriately applied facelift techniques can be avoided when Dr. Brobst performs a deep plane facelift on his patients that are the right candidates.

A person's mental and physical health can benefit greatly from improving a feature that had become a distraction and can restore a patient/s self-confidence. Through meeting your goals, we can help you not only look your best but feel your best as well. More than five years can be taken off your appearance with a deep plane facelift, and the effects will remain for at least five and a half years. For the majority, a deep plane facelift will undo some of the age-related developments that occurred over the past 10-15 years, for others, we are able to realize improvement in facial structure and contour that a patient may never have had before. Therefore, the results of a deep plane facelift, especially when combined with a deep plane necklift, can be both a restorative and a transformative operative experience.

Where you matter most

Your Deep Plane Facelift Consultation

Dr. Brobst wants to ensure each procedure is best for your skin and face. During your consultation for a Deep Plane Facelift, he reviews your medical history and analyzes your facial structure, but most importantly, he listens to your concerns with intent. Your satisfaction is the top priority when you walk through his doors. Schedule your consultation today!


Deep Plane Facelift Preparation and Procedure

The deep plane facelift is most frequently carried out under deep sedation or general anesthesia without the patient being aware of the procedure or having discomfort. Our skilled anesthesiologists are closely involved both before and throughout the surgical experiences. We want to address any concerns you have and also exceed your expectations. Our goals for you are a quick wakeup, minimal fogginess, avoidance of nausea, and little to no pain. However, our utmost priority is your safety. Our mantra is “We take healthy patients to surgery and bring healthy patients back to recovery.”

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Therefore, we take all precautions to shepherd you through the operation just as we would our own family members. We want you to know you are in good hands.The procedure takes time, and the treatment necessitates the careful dissection of multiple layers of tissues in the face and neck. If a neck lift is not performed, this begins by making incisions around t the ears and along the hairline. This positioning is intended to "conceal" or camouflage further the fine closures of the skin that develop into nearly invisible scars in most instances. Next, the skin is elevated over the underlying superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) to the extent required to visualize the deep plane entry site and allow for a non-pleated redraping of the skin after the lift.

The SMAS is the tissue layer that provides strength and is manipulated in almost all facelifts. When it is incised, and a dissection ensues from the side to the central portions of the face, then we have entered into the “deep plane.” There are multiple variations of facelift techniques that do this, including extended SMAS, high SMAS, and a “deep plane facelift.” They differ in where the SMAS entry incision is made. Among surgeons, a deep plane facelift usually describes the operation where the SMAS is incised at a location on the high cheek running down to the angle of the jaw. There are advantages to this, as it can better facilitate a full release of the cheek tissues to better correct the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. To complete the operation, the SMAS is secured into a new position, and the redundant skin is tailored away. Dr. Brobst then carefully closes all of the incisions and applies a dressing to support the early result.

Younger-looking is an understatement

Deep Plane Facelift Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Deep plane facelifts are more involved than most other types of facelifts. Therefore recuperation might be associated with longer swelling in the high cheeks and around the eyes. This improves with a cold compress, conservative measures, and a tincture of time. However, recovery is usually easy. Bruising, if present, usually resolves in 7-10 days. Pain is minimal and brief. No garments or long-term drains are required after the first 12-24 hours.

We allow for restarting of cardio exercise at 2-3 weeks but hold off on heavy lifting activities for six weeks. Returning to work depends on how well you're recuperating and the details of your employment. Office and remote workers can return to work sooner than those whose jobs require physical labor or heavy lifting.

Maintaining your deep-plane facelift results

A good skincare routine, a healthy diet, and stable weight are the keys to maintaining your deep plane facelift. We also utilize planned, noninvasive and complimentary surgical procedures to enhance your final results. As new technologies arise and established interventions are indicated, our knowledgeable team is here to make recommendations and support your fantastic deep plane facelift results. We empower our patients to make informed decisions about their aesthetics and are with you every step of the way so you love your look.

Deep Plane Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping your head elevated helps resolve the swelling from all facial procedures. This is probably more important with a deep plane facelift. For at least a few weeks following surgery, you'll want to sleep with your head propped up on a couple of pillows or a recliner. If you are still seeing edema at that point, we encourage you to sleep in this position for up to six weeks as a means to get you to your final look as soon as possible.

The cost of a deep plane facelift is impacted by anesthesia fees, the technique utilized, additional services involved, the total time required, and the materials needed to perform the right surgery to accomplish your goals.

Health insurance will not cover the costs of cosmetic procedures, this includes a deep plane facelift.

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