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Neck Lift in Plano, Texas

Confidence From The Neck Up

Neck Lift in Plano Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

A successful Neck Lift results in more defined, youthful features. The neck and jawline should be clearly defined to provide a stylish transition from the shoulders to the head. Dr. Robert 'Bo' Brobst's Neck Lift successfully eliminates whatever is hindering your neck from looking clean and toned. This may be extra fat, loose muscular neck bands, or excess skin.

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Regardless, a natural, unaltered-looking smoothness will emerge at the neck, giving you more freedom in your wardrobe and more confidence in your appearance. We strive to provide the best Neck Lift Plano has to offer, with the expertise of Dr. Bo!

Reveal Youthful Contours

What is a Neck Lift?

a way to revitalize the tone and contours from your jawline

A surgical Neck Lift is a way to revitalize the tone and contours from your jawline to the decolletage by tightening skin, contouring subcutaneous fat excess, and addressing laxity in the platysma muscles. The relatively thin platysma muscles run vertically up the neck, from their broad origin superficial to the clavicle to their insertion into the SMAS along the length of the mandible (jawline). These muscles are employed every time we talk, swallow, strain, or produce a full smile. Constant muscular activity and the aging process lead to a release of the middle edges of the muscles and the associated hanging or wide appearance referred to as bands or cords. cords.

The operation of reattaching the left and right platysma muscles during a Neck Lift is known as corset platysmaplasty. The suture technique is similar to corset ties in that one side is stitched to the other. The platysma is tightened in an upward direction using this procedure, bringing it nearer to the chin. Often, excess platysma is removed prior to the creation of the corset if it is clearly indicated. The result is a more acute angle between the jaw and the neck (cervico-mental angle). This angle is dictated by the bony - cartilaginous framework of your neck and the attached deeper musculature. Dr. Brobst’s focus is to create a natural neck result with the sharpest angle possible for your anatomy. , For longer cords or banding, it is often beneficial to partially transect the platysma muscles over the neck to prevent "bow-stringing" across the cervico-mental angle during flexion and animation.

Neck Lift at Brobst Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

Dr. Bo, renowned for his Neck Lift procedures, embraces a unique approach to plastic surgery that is direct, non-salesy, easy to understand, and all about you. During your initial consultation, he will use what he’s learned about you and your goals to develop a surgical strategy that is in sync with how you want to enhance your natural beauty. You will feel heard and connected throughout the entire surgery journey.

Neck Lift in Plano

What Can A Neck Lift Do?

A Transformative Experience

There are a lot of things to think about if you're trying to decide if you need a Neck Lift or not. Whether or not a Neck Lift is the best way to enhance your look is dependent on many factors. At our practice in Plano Neck Lift procedures address various aesthetic concerns and can be considered when deciding if it will meet your aesthetic goals.

  • Neck skin that hangs loosely
  • Creases around the jawline and neck
  • Bands around the throat
  • Fullness or excessive fat around the neck

Nonsmokers and those in good health are the best candidates for cosmetic procedures. Providing a safe, positive experience while meeting your goals is our primary focus. Dr. Brobst will be sure to explain his exam findings and what will be done to address the age-related changes. It is equally important to create realistic expectations based on your specific anatomy so that you can make an informed decision on the value of the procedure and if it will meet your goals. Overall, a Neck Lift creates a wonderfully rejuvenated look and regularly exceeds the expectations of our patients.

Clean, Toned, and Youthful

Your Neck Lift Consultation

Dr. Brobst can substantially improve the look of the neck with a Neck Lift and produce a more youthful, contoured appearance with his wide range of surgical and less invasive neck rejuvenation procedures. In addition, Dr. Brobst has the experience and training to effectively execute a broad array of neck rejuvenation methods Because he values lifelong learning, he has studied under some of the world's foremost facial plastic surgeons and innovators in the field of cosmetic improvement of the face and neck.

During your Neck Lift consultation with Dr. Brobst, you will be able to express any hangups or frustrations you have about your appearance. Based on your goals, we will discuss the full spectrum of treatment options and where surgical interventions may be advantageous. Together we will then decide on a treatment plan that will help you achieve a successful neck rejuvenation with natural-looking results.

Customand Innovative

Neck Lift Preparation and Procedure

Dr. Brobst will begin the platysmaplasty Neck Lift with a small incision in a skin crease beneath your chin. Specialized instruments and illumination allow the excessive fat and loosened muscles to be addressed directly.

We both contour and remove extra fat throughout the neck but focus on keeping the skin thickness even and often remove excess subplatysmal fat as needed. This is known as inter-platysmal and sub-platysmal fat. Once contoured, the platysma muscles are sewn together to create a midline plication which allows for the creation of a flat submental area and an acute neck angle. If further tightening along the neckline is required, then a lateral platysmaplasty can be utilized as needed. The latter requires additional incisions behind the ear to allow access to this portion of the operation.

Go See Bo!

Neck Lift Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Patients recovering from surgery may have some soreness and a feeling of tightness in the neck. As the healing progresses, this rapidly fades fade. You'll need to take it easy for a couple of weeks after a Neck Lift with medial or lateral platysmaplasty. Patients should avoid any activities that might cause injury or strain on the newly improved neckline. Any areas that are addressed may have some swelling and bruising, but this is usually minor. Most people have a resolution of typical bruising in the first 7-10 days, but discoloration of the skin may persist for weeks in certain patients. Similarly, swelling is gone quickly, but it usually benefits from basic interventions during the first weeks to months following surgery. As with most surgical neck procedures, a Neck Lift's benefits will be apparent immediately and continue to enhance over the following weeks as you recover.

Maintaining your Neck Lift results

Dr. Brobst will want to see you several times to check in on your recovery progress and ensure that everything is healing to obtain the best results. While your skin will continue to age normally, the investment you make in a Neck Lift should deliver benefits that you will see for years after your surgery. If you have any questions or want to look into other procedures that complement your Neck Lift, call us and schedule a time that we can discuss what you are hoping to achieve and how we can get you there. Dr. Bo is here to help his patients reach their goals.

Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

During surgery, patients should experience no discomfort. We prefer to do Neck Lifts under general anesthesia reinforced with local anesthesia. This limits the total anesthesia needed and makes for a smooth operative experience with a typical wake-up in minutes. Alternatively, Neck Lifts can be performed under IV sedation or local anesthetic only when suitable. Our patients' safety and comfort are our priority.

Most patients will experience tightness and numbness following a Neck Lift. During your consultation, Dr. Bo will go through the recovery process in detail. He dislikes surprises during the perioperative and postoperative periods. He takes special care to make sure you have the information and support you need to make it a positive experience and maximize your recovery.

The cost of your Neck Lift procedure will be determined by the amount of aging and work required to give you the best result. The cost of anesthesia and the facility fees are additional considerations. Dr. Bo will provide a full and detailed estimate as part of your consultation so you can make the best decision for your desires and budget.

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