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Lip Fillersin Plano, Texas

Lip Fillers in Plano

A conservativelip augmentation

A conservative lip augmentation (Lip Filler) can beautifully enhance genetically thin lips or rejuvenate lips that have lost fullness, appear long, and have become etched with fine lines.

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The appeal of an injectable, non-surgical lip procedure performed in a pain-free method is hard to ignore. Combined with instant gratification and reversible change, lip filler has become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures. If performed well, your lips should just look great both with and without lipstick or gloss.

What are lip fillers?

Most lip fillersare synthetic hyaluronic acid gels

Most lip fillers are synthetic hyaluronic acid gels that function as temporary facial implants. They are directly injected during non-surgical lip augmentation to rejuvenate and enhance the contours of this most important facial feature. Hyaluronic acid is a repeating carbohydrate molecule that forms gels when hydrated. This molecule is present in most living cells and has a variety of roles. In aesthetics, it can form into a variety of polymers that differ in their suitability as injectables for volumization. Both the Juvederm and Restylane family of fillers provide several options that we frequently select from to get fantastic lip filler results.

Lip Fillers at Brobst Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

We are a medical spa and plastic surgery practice run by the renowned Dr. Robert "Bo" Brobst. Restoring and protecting natural facial harmony is a primary goal of ours. Contact Brobst Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics if you are thinking about getting lip fillers in Plano, Texas, or elsewhere in North Dallas (including Frisco, Allen, and Plano). Our state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional, highly-trained staff are located in Plano, Texas, not far from Frisco and McKinney.

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We treat you like family. Our facial plastic surgery and aesthetics team are honored to be part of your decision to address your lip concerns. Our goal is to give you the most pleasing and natural lip correction in a safe, comfortable environment. Dr. Robert “Bo” Brobst lends his world-class training, experience, and expertise to every injection. Both Dr. Brobst and our nurse injector Hanna, expect the best outcomes from each encounter because we want you to look and feel your best. Through a commitment to ongoing training, assessment of outcomes, patient feedback, and evaluation of new injectables/fillers available, we feel that you are in great hands for any lip procedure. We are happy to coordinate a visit with Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics if you are thinking about getting lip fillers in Plano, Texas, or any of the surrounding areas (including North Dallas, The Colony, Frisco, Prosper, Allen, and McKinney). Our beautiful facility and exceptional, highly-trained staff are located in Plano, Texas, not far from Frisco and McKinney.

Lip Fillers in Plano, TX  Plano

What can lip fillers do?

Lip fillers can be used for several purposes

With Lip Fillers Plano patients can explore a range of purposes, with an initial assessment helping to clarify their unique goals. These specific indications may include:

  • Better makeup application
  • Improvement of symmetry
  • Camouflaging of scars
  • Elevating downturned lip corners
  • Smoothing of creases and “smokers lines”
  • Restoration of previous lip fullness
  • Creation of upper-to-lower lip balance
  • Balancing of lip contours
  • The progressive expansion of genetically constricted lips
  • Trial method prior to permanent lip implants or other surgical procedures

Your Lip Filler Consultation

we will initially obtain photos and discuss your goals

At Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Plano Lip Fillers begin with an initial assessment, including photos and goal discussions, during your consultation. This allows us to determine if lip filler is the best option to meet your wants and needs. The amount and type of filler used are customized to achieve the desired results. A medical history and exam follow. Once we have both created a plan and discussed all the comfort measures available, then you can have your filler performed the same day or return for treatment when it better fits your schedule. If filler isn’t the best option, then both non-surgical and surgical alternatives are considered. These include:

  • Lip flip (Lip Botox or alternative neurotoxin injection)
  • Lip implants (Silicone lip implants)
  • Lip lift
  • Chemical peel or Sciton laser skin resurfacing
  • Scar revisions

Lip Filler Preparation and Procedure

Before the filler is injected, we utilize several comfort measures

These include distraction techniques, ice or other cooling measures, topical anesthesia, dental blocks, and/or Pronox 50 / 50 Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen self-administered analgesia. The time required for each of these options varies, and we help you plan accordingly. We hear way too many horror stories about painful lip filler. Our goal is to show you it can be a comfortable, nearly painless lip filler procedure when performed by experts. Your lips are then cleaned and sterilized with an antiseptic solution to reduce the risk of infection. We then inject the filler into the lips using a fine needle. In contrast to other facial areas, we find a direct injection technique to be superior to using a cannula for the lips. The results are assessed during the treatment until we accomplish our final result. Further augmentation, if desired, can be performed subsequently and is far easier than precisely dissolving over injected filler. Our providers then gently massage the area to confirm even distribution and smoothness prior to discharge home or back to work.

Lip Filler Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

After the procedure, you will receive instructions

After your Lip Filler procedure, you will receive instructions on how to care for your lips. Post-care is simple and includes cold compresses, an ointment or moisturizing agent, and acetaminophen as needed. If you have bruising, then we will also share some of our camouflage techniques. If you occasionally get cold sores, we will call in an antiviral to help avoid any post-injection issues.

Maintaining your Lip Filler results

How often you need to touch up your lip filler depends on the type used and your individual metabolism. In general, hyaluronic acid fillers last for l six to twelve months before they are fully metabolized by the body via hyaluronidase. However, the exact duration of filler from person to person can vary. The filler slowly dissolves, and we usually reevaluate your lips at approximately six months to see if a touch-up would be beneficial. Otherwise, there are not any special accommodations after lip filler.

Lip Filler Frequently Asked Questions

We have not had any of our patients have scarring from their lip filler, but any filler injection into a vessel can lead to occlusion, obstruction of blood flow, and tissue loss. This would be urgently managed with hyaluronidase, aspirin, and warm compresses if we had concerns. The needle pokes themselves are from very fine needles and do not leave scars.

The cost will vary according to the filler you select and the volume you have injected. First-time patients rarely use more than a single syringe for their lips. However, lip filler is often paired with other aesthetic filler injections to improve the perioral and other facial areas to get the desired aesthetic effect.

Health insurance will not cover the cost of lip fillers for cosmetic purposes.

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