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Skin Cancer Treatment in Plano, Texas

Skin Cancer Treatment Overview

The reality is that we will all be personally affected by skin cancer.

This may affect our own health or that of a family member. Fortunately, non-melanoma skin cancer is usually slow growing and remains confined to the immediate area. When a cancer is small and in an area of skin excess, it can be removed directly and repaired. In the face, where skin preservation is paramount in skin cancer treatment, a Mohs Reconstruction procedure may be recommended following tumor removal to maintain aesthetic and functional integrity.

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Skin cancer treatment often involves meticulous procedures like Mohs excision, a specialized process for cancer removal that allows direct inspection of all margins of concern and ultimately results in less normal tissue removal. If this procedure is recommended, we coordinate the Mohs removal through a qualified dermatologist and schedule the repair of the wound to follow in our office the same day. Our goal is a cosmetically acceptable reconstruction and a rapid return of function. All we do is faces and we know it is important for you to look your best.

Details of Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer wounds frequently end up being largerthan what a patient is expecting

During Skin Cancer Treatment, allowing the wound to heal without intervention will most often lead to distortion of the surrounding structures and an unsightly scar. A simple straight-line closure is commonly used as an alternative, but this may result in a scar that is excessively long and visible. Other options may include harvesting skin grafts of variable thicknesses, designing skin flaps from neighboring skin to fill the wound, creating distant skin flaps attached by a healthy blood supply, and bringing in new skin/tissue with vessels for reconnecting. The wound preparation and repair can frequently be performed in the office. If a reconstruction is extensive or involves the airway, then the operating room is usually prudent. Once the best option is decided upon, the wound repair and the skin donor sites are meticulously repaired. A light dressing or ointment is utilized and antibiotics are usually employed.

Skin Cancer Treatment in Plano, TX  Plano

Skin Cancer Treatment Recovery

The morning after the procedure, the incision and flaps/grafts are checked to make sure healing is progressing as desired.

Swelling is normal and responds well to a cool compress, head elevation, and light activity. When undergoing Skin Cancer Treatment Plano patients often experience a smooth recovery under our diligent care. Pain is usually minimal but varies depending on the initial wound. After 1 week, any external sutures are removed and most bruising and swelling is gone from the face. Activity is restricted for approximately 2 weeks, but with the exception of heavy lifting and direct trauma, normal activities can be restarted thereafter. Most improvement will occur during the first few weeks, but the ultimate appearance may take 1-2 years.

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