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TRAUMA SURGERY in Plano, Texas


No one ever plansfor a traumatic injury...

but it is often part of life. In the moment it can be very frightening. Concerns about the return of function and appearance grow, but we do our best comfort people with the experience that comes from helping many people with similar injuries. Early intervention and follow up is adequate in most instances, but occasionally revision surgery is needed to help people look and function their best. We are there for all phases of these injuries.


Most skin (soft tissue trauma)injuries including lacerations and animal bites

are managed immediately within the first few hours following an injury. These involve the use of topical and local anesthetic in most instances. The wound is then closed meticulously if the situation allows. Sutures remain for approximately 5-8 days and then wound care is continued. Antibiotics are usually employed and activity is limited. In the specific field of Trauma Surgery Plano patients who undergo Facial Fracture (bony trauma) treatment is often performed at a separate time depending on the location. However, most broken noses (nasal fractures), eye sockets (orbital fractures), cheeks (malar, maxillary, or zygoma fractures) are repaired in the first 1-2 weeks following the injury. Fractures repairs are performed under general anesthesia. If access to the fractures is needed, it is gained utilizing the same incisions chosen for cosmetic procedures to avoid any unsightly scarring. After awakening from anesthesia and confirming your comfort you will be able to go home in the care of a responsible adult.

Trauma Surgery in Plano, TX  Plano


The morning after the Trauma Surgery procedure, the incision is checked to make sure healing is progressing as desired. Swelling is normal and responds well to a cool compress, head elevation, and light activity. An oral rinse is used if incisions in the mouth are used. Pain is usually dependent on the initial injury but can be managed. After 1 week, any external sutures are removed and most bruising and swelling is gone from the face. With the exception of heavy lifting, normal activities can be restarted after 2 weeks. Swelling continues to improve over the first month.

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