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Chemical peels are foundational in facial rejuvenation and can be used many skin care goals. These include skin surface irregularities wrinkles, benign lesions, and precancerous lesions, scars, acne, rosacea, discoloration, shrink pore appearance and tighten skin. The results of treatment are dependent on the product used and the skill of the person performing the treatment. In capable hands, these treatments can be utilized to obtain great results and meet the goals decided upon.


First, the facial skin is cleaned of makeup and any residual oils. The peel is then applied according to the facial subunits to confirm even and adequate coverage until the endpoint is reached. Once completed, sunscreen and moisturizer are used to help protect the skin. In deeper procedures, facial blocks and other forms of pain relief are considered to maximize the comfort during the procedure. However, most discomfort is brief and does not require ongoing measures after the procedure.


For a superficial peel, sun avoidance and basic skin care are all that is recommended. In these peels, the skin may only flake and can be easily controlled with additional moisturizer during this period. Peeling usually begins by the third day and is complete by the end of the week. The skin will need to be treated gently during this period and picking or becoming overheated should be avoided. In medium or deep peels, the recovery process may take longer. Antibiotics and antiviral treatments are typically employed to help avoid issues. As the healing continues, a routing skin care plan will need to be followed. In office follow-ups are frequent during this period and any prolonged redness or pigmentation is managed with the addition of topical steroids and anti-pigmentation agents, respectively. Once healed, your skin will look great and we will create a skin care plan to maximize the longevity of your results.

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