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Prominent or protruding ears can be a bother at any age. In childhood, it can be a source of self-esteem issues, or worse, a reason for bullying. Adults are equally bothered and may alter their hairstyle or wear hats in an attempt to camouflage their ears. Correction leads to an immediate and permanent improvement by improving contours and setting back the ears appropriately to maximize facial symmetry and harmony.


Ear surgery can be performed under local, sedation, or general anesthetic. Incisions are placed behind the ear and hidden from sight. The cartilage is then contoured and secured with sutures into an improved position based on the specific problem present. The incision is then closed and a head dressing is applied. After awakening from anesthesia and confirming your comfort you will be able to go home in the care of a responsible adult.


The morning after the procedure, the dressing is removed and wound care is reviewed. Incisions are cleaned and ointment is applied several times a day until sutures are removed. Swelling and bruising are usually minimal, but moderate soreness is common. Pain medications are given to maximize comfort and all sutures are removed at one week. A headband is worn over the corrected ears for a week and then at night only for up to 3 weeks.

Normal activities can be restarted after 2 weeks. Patients flying in for their operation should make arrangements to stay in-town for a week. The final result is immediate.

Patient 1:

Dr. Brobst, Plano and McKinney, TX Before Otoplasty Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery


Dr. Brobst, Plano and McKinney, TX After Otoplasty Brobst Facial Plastic Surgery